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MI 2892 Power Master

The NEW MI 2892 Power Master is a Class A, 4-chanel, hand-held three phase power quality analyser with a large easy-to-read graphical colour display. The MI 2892 Power Master supports microSD memory card and andvanced PC SW PowerView3.

Intuitive menues and instruments manipulation enabling:

  • Onsite troubleshooting;
  • Long term recording;
  • Predictive maintenance;
  • Checking power correction equipment performance;
  • Verification of electrical system capacity before adding loads.

Key features:

  • 4-voltage channels with wide measurement range: 0 ... 1000 Vrms (CAT III / 1000 V);
  • 4-current channels with support for automatic clamp recognition and “on instrument“ range selection;
  • Automatic Smart Clamp detection and Smart Clamp range selection;
  • Sampling frequency on transients recording > 50 kHz;
  • Power measurements fully compliant with IEEE 1459;
  • Compliance with power quality standard IEC 61000-4-30 Class A;
  • Complete power quality analysis according to EN 50160 including signalling and interharmonics;
  • Support for microSD memory card (8-GB supplied with the instrument) up to 32GB;
  • Color-coded input terminals and terminal labels to suit your application region;
  • Intuitive main menu and large icons that makes the equipment very easy to navigate and configure;
  • Flexible clamps (without additional power supply) are included in the standard set;
  • GPS clock synchronization (optional).

Powerful PC SW PowerView included in standard delivery, enables downloading, view, analysis of recorded data and automatic professional report creation.

Instruments Ethertnet comunication enabling remote comunication and data analysis via PowerView.

Standards Applied:

  • IEC/EN 61000-4-30,Class A
  • IEC/EN 61557-12
  • IEC/EN 61000-4-7, Class I
  • IEC/EN 61000-4-15
  • EN 50160
  • IEEE 1448
  • IEEE 1459

MI 2892 Power Master

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Powerful platform for downloading, analysing recorded data and creating power quality test reports.

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Applications and solutions for testing and analysis of Manufacturing plants, Banks, Hospitals, Telecommunication companies...

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MI 2892 Power Master is an ideal instrument for long term recording as well as for onsite troubleshooting and finding of hidden power quality problems such as:

  • Voltage Dips and swells;
  • Harmonic Distortion;
  • Voltage Unbalance;
  • Flicker;
  • Transients;
  • Inrush current recording.

Due to the Instruments large Memory facility, Power Master is suitible for long term recording and optimization of load and energy profile.

Optional GPS enables the user to observe disturbance spreading over the network and estimate impact under various conditions.

PC SW PowerView enables automatic generation of professional reports for voltage quallity evaluation in accordance to EN50160.

Recorders configuration of the MI 2892 Power Master is one of the simplest ever made. Even non skilled user can easily capture all needed parameters, for torough analaysis.

The MI 2892 Power Master has been designed with leading Industry Experts to provide a simple menu configuration. In the past the built-in technology of the power quality analyzers didn't enable the possibility to record large amounts of parameters. Therefore the engineers often had problems to set the recorder correctly. Metrel's engineering team has decided to make a market defying product with a clear and easy to use Menu Structure, meaning the engineer on site has complete control and peace of mind that the MI 2892 will record all of the data being requested In the General recorder, the user selects the time interval, which will also include Voltage events, and also include any alarm triggering points. The MI 2892 Power Master will automatically record over 4000 different parameters.

To make the instrument even more powerful Metrel implemented option of simultaneous recording with GENERAL and WAVEFORM RECORDER. This feature enables the user to capture inrush currents, anomalies on voltage and current plus several other trigger options while general recorder is active.

PowerMaster enables Transient recording with sampling frequency >50kHz. Trigger can be set to envelope or level mode. In continuous mode the instrument can record up to 200 transients.

MI 2892 Power Master's measurements menu is specially designed for onsite troubleshooting. With navigation keys user can simply toggle between several intuitive menus to discover hidden power quality problems onsite.

Several different options are available for each troubleshooting tool. Simply by using the Function keys the user can select between the different variants for each option.

Vide range of different current clamps are suported depending on aplication.

Quick set keys located beneath the function keys enabling user to reach the most important tools simply by pressing them.

PowerView software is a powerful platform for downloading, analysing recorded data and creation of power qualty test reports. PC Software contains a package of functionalities needed for profound evaluation of power quality
phenomena, data comparison and creation of complex test reports. It works in conjunction with Metrel new generation power quality analysers. For the instruments equipped with GPRS functionality PowerView enables
remote control of the instrument as well.

The best way to guarantee that process equipment is compatible with its electrical environment is to require the equipment to comply with voltage sag standards ITIC and CBEMA curves are representing the limits for safe operability of IT equipment.

Depending on selected record type, different views are available (Record Information view, Trend Chart view, Table view, Waveform Scope view, Voltage Quality view, etc.)

Automatic voltage quality analysis in compliance with custom or predefined EN 50160 Power Quality criteria and quick report printing.

When instrument is connected with PC, real-time observing of signals and parameters is possible via PowerView while instrument is measuring / recording in the background.

Technical specification


Voltage inputs
Number of inputs
Nominal voltage range (L - N)
Measuring range
Sampling rate
Mains frequency range

Phase (L-N): 50 ... 1000 Vrms / Line (L-L): 50 ... 1730 Vrms
10% ... 150% of nominal voltage
IEC 61000-4-30 Class A, ±0.1% of nominal voltage,
5.120 kSamples per sec ? 50/60 Hz, sync with mains freq.
40 ... 70 Hz ±10 mHz

Current inputs
Number of inputs
Measuring range (with A1227 flex clamps)
Measuring range(with A1281 iron clamps)

3 ... 6000 Arms ±1.5% of m.v.
50 m ... 1200 Arms ±0.5% of m.v.


Measuring range


Power (P, Q, S, cos φ, PF...)

Depends on voltage and selected clamps

IEC 61557-12 Class 1


Depends on voltage and selected clamps

Active: IEC 62053-21 Class 1
Reactive: IEC 62053-23 Class 2

Harmonics (DC ... 50th)

0 ... 20% of nom. voltage

IEC 61000-4-7 Class 1

Interharmonics (1 ... 50th)

0 ... 20% of nom. voltage

IEC 61000-4-7 Class 1


0.2 ... 10

IEC 61000-4-15 Class F3

Mains signalling

0 ... 15% of nom. voltage

IEC 61000-4-30 Class A


Voltage: 0 ... 5%
Current: 0 ... 17%



-10 ... 85 °C

±0.5 °C

Dips, Swell

10 ... 150% of nom. voltage

±0.2 % of nominal voltage
±1 cycle


0 ... 10% of nom. voltage

±1 cycle


8GB microSD, up to 32GB supported

General recorder
Integration period Recorded signals


1s ... 1h
> 1000 (voltages, currents, harmonics, power...) Minimal, maximal and average value per interval
- Voltage events
- Custom alarms
> 1 year (depends on size of SD card)

Waveform recorder

Up to 20 seconds of voltage and current waveform
Manual, Voltage Events, Custom Alarms, voltage or current level (inrush)

Transient revorder
Sampling rate

> 50ksamples/sec
Up to 50 cycles of voltage and current waveform
Manual, voltage envelope or level

Display Communication
Time synchronisation Power supply Overvoltage category

4.3 inch color TFT (480 x 272) USB, Ethernet, RS-232
GPS receiver (A 1355)
110 ... 240 Vac or 6 x NiMh rechargable batteries, size AA CAT IV / 600 V or CAT III / 1000 V
1 kg
230 x 140 x 80 mm

MI 2892 Euro set

  • Instrument Power Master
  • 1-phase flexible current clamps 3000 / 300 / 30 A (A 1227), 4 pcs
  • Test probe, (brown, black, grey, green, blue), 5 pcs
  • Crocodile clip, (brown, black, grey, green, blue), 5 pcs
  • Voltage measurement lead, (brown, black, grey, green, blue), 5 pcs
  • Labels for color coding
  • Temperature probe
  • microSD memory card 8.0GB
  • microSD card reader
  • PC SW PowerView3
  • RS232, USB and Ethernet patch cable
  • Power supply adapter
  • 1.2 V NiMH rechargeable battery, 6 pcs
  • Soft carrying bag
  • Instruction manual
  • Calibration certificate

Download files

File type Title Language Version Release date Notes File type Size File
Manual MI 2892 Power Master   8.2.0 13.1.2016

20 752 217

pdf 6.86 MB Download
Datasheet Industrial PQA   1.0 20.5.2016   pdf 4.27 MB Download
Datasheet MI 2892 Power Master   1.0 9.2.2017   pdf 673.91 KB Download
PC software PowerView3 32 bit 12.10.2017


zip 129.39 MB Download
PC software PowerView3 64 bit 12.10.2017


zip 129.47 MB Download
Note! Subject to technical change without notice.

Optional accessories:

  • A 1020
    A 1020 Small soft carrying bag
  • A 1033
    A 1033 Current clamp 1000 A/1V
  • A 1037
    A 1037 Current transformer 5 A/ 1 V
  • A 1069
    A 1069 Mini current clamp 100 A/1 V
  • A 1122
    A 1122 Mini current clamp 5 A/1 V
  • A 1179
    A 1179 3-phase flexible current clamps 2000/200/20 A/ 1 V
  • A 1198
    A 1198 Magnetic contact probe
  • A 1227
    A 1227 1-phase flexible current clamp 3000/300/30 A/ 1 V
  • A 1257
    A 1257 3-phase flexible current clamps 3000/300/30 A /1V
  • A 1281
    A 1281 Current clamp 0,5/5/100/1000 A / 1 V
  • A 1287
    A 1287 1-phase flexible current clamps 3000/300/30 A
  • A 1355
    A 1355 GPS receiver
  • A 1391 PQA
    A 1391 PQA AC/DC Current clamp 300 A / 40 A / 1V
  • A 1445
    A 1445 1-phase flexible current clamp 3000/300/30 A/ 1 V
  • A 1446
    A 1446 1-phase flexible current clamp 6000/600/60 A/ 1 V
  • A 1458
    A 1458 microSD card reader
  • A 1459
    A 1459 Set of measuring leads for MI 2892 & MI 2885, 5 x 2m
  • A 1475
    A 1475 WiFi / 3G Router
  • A 1479
    A 1479 Wide range power supply
  • A 1500
    A 1500 Professional protective waterproof case
  • A 1501
    A 1501 1-phase mini flexible current clamp 3000/300/30A/1V (fi 7 cm)
  • A 1502
    A 1502 1-phase mini flexible current clamp 3000/300/30A/1V (fi 14 cm)
  • A 1503
    A 1503 1-phase mini flexible current clamp 6000/600/60A/1V (fi 27 cm)
  • A 1561
    A 1561 Connection kable for current clamp (A 1069, A 1122)
  • A 1565
    A 1565 Waterproof case for outdoor application and recordings (pylons, switchyards)
  • S 2014
    S 2014 Safety fuse adapter, 3 pcs
  • S 2015
    S 2015 Safety flat clamp, 4 pcs
  • S 2072
    S 2072 USB storage device (for backup of data)
  • S 2083
    S 2083 4 x Mini current clamp A 1122, 5 A / 1 V
  • S 2086
    S 2086 4 x Mini current clamp A 1069, 100 A / 1 V
  • S 2087
    S 2087 1 x Mini current clamp A 1069, 100 A / 1 V
  • S 2088
    S 2088 1 x Mini current clamp A 1122, 5 A / 1 V
  • S 2094
    S 2094 Set 4 pcs mini flexible current clamp A 1501
  • S 2096
    S 2096 Set 4 pcs mini flexible current clamp A 1502
  • S 2098
    S 2098 set 4 pcs mini flexible current clamp A 1503